Quality Order


I have filled check box in inventory model group for “Quarantine order”.

A quarntine order is being created after packing slip is done in PO. But i want automatic “quality order” to be created. Please tell me the process .


Hi aliAX,

You need to create a Quality association. Go to Inventory a warehouse management\Setup\Quality control\Quality associations

Create a new association for the site with Reference type=Quarantine. Then in the Quality order generation you need to tell the system the moment of creation, play around with this fields to change the moment of creation for the quality order.

Thanks Hector , This post help me to understand that we can create the quality order also automatically .

I have one question can we create the Quarantine order before product receipt or packing slip in AP module ? If yes , Could share the process.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Lally, I don’t know if I understood you well…

If you want to create a quarantine order, you need to have the products received, because they are placed in a quarantine warehouse, so you need to physically have them.

If you want to create a quality order, then in quality associations you need to select as Reference type: Purchase. In Quality order generation, Document type: Product receipt / Receipt list / Registration and select Before or After.

Thanks for the information. It helped me a lot.

Last week, I tested that if we put a check mark on Quarantine Management by going into Inventory Model Groups in Inventory and Warehouse Management, instead of going first for Quality Test, AX will automatically move the PO items into Quarantine warehouse.

Why is this happening?

It is happening because quarantine management is configured to move it directly into the quarantine warehouse to be actioned by a quarantine order.