Quarantine Management system

I need invoice to be generate once the item gets passed in QMS.

Can anyone explain the flow of the process?


Do you mean the quality management in AX 2009? (www.dynamicsaxtraining.com/…/quality-management))
Looks like, you need functional help. Why is it posted in Developer forum?

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If your requirement is to post the purchase order invoice after processing your quality order, then that is not as per the standard.

Once the item in quarantine get passed, invoice needs to be generated…
In purchase invoice should be made once the inspection gets passed…

I don’t think that is standard.

Hi Sri,

The quarantine functionality doesn’t stop the purchase invoice process, but the quality associations yes.

You should have those items in a quality association for purchase reception with event blocking=Invoice, when they are received this will trigger a quality order mean to enter quality inspection results, after that the order can be validated and closed, and the purchase invoice can be done. If the quality order is open (this could mean that quality personnel didn’t finish enter the results) the invoice process will be stopped and a message will appear saying there is a quality order associated to the purchase order and can’t be invoiced.

You could also combine quarantine orders with quality associations and maybe reach the same result.


I think the question was about system posting the invoice after quality order gets processed(without the user intervention).


Are you using quarantine order or quality order? (both are different)
If your question is still not answered, explain your question in detail.

I’m saying for quarantine orders… in our system when quarantine order gets created invoice is generating automatically so need to restrict tat, once order get passed in quarantine invoice needs to be generated

This is not standard, the process might have been customized.

Agree with Kranthi, quarantine orders doesn’t create invoices neither in AX2009, 2012 or 365