How can I undo a reset status of Production Order

Dear All,

I did already Reset status of Prudction Order from RAF to Started.
Now I want to undo this act.

How can I change this Production to RAF again, because there are many journals so I don’t want to reverse :frowning:

Thank you in advance

If it’s AX 2009 - you cannot simply undo this.

You need to report as finished everything again. Go to Works orders/Inquiries/Production posting to see what was posted before you reset the WO status (both good and error quantities). Sum everything up and report as finished (good and error quantities). To change status from ‘Started’ to ‘Reported as finished’ you need to check ‘End job’ check box on ‘Report as finished’ form.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Undo is Reset

Redo is Again processing the production through stages. It the same way how you have processed for RAF first time.

f you mean “Ended” there is no “Undo”. You need to manually reverse all journals and transactions due to the WIP posting and costing routines at this critical stage.

If you mean “Reported as Finished” you can reset the status.

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Thank you a lot for your reply.

Because when I do reverse RAF transactions, there are not enough on-hand, quantity has been released to other productions that already finished. Therefore I want to undo the reset status that I did before :frowning:

When you reset the order it put the components back into stock.

This was not real, you did not do this physically.

Therefore although the components are released to other orders they are not, they are part consumed for the one you reset incorrectly.

You now have to reset the status of all the orders that incorrectly took the stock, and then re-process in order, or artificially raise the inventory to allow the processing of the order, then manually raise orders to cover the shortages you will have on the other orders.

Thank you a lot AdamRoue : )