wo-report as finished- ax 2009

WO “report as finished” is still enable, meaning i can still click that option again. unfortunately the more we click the more it will reflect in our inventory. pls advice how to resolve this…

Uncheck the “Accept Error” flag in the RAF process.

Update the works orders to “Ended” - not sure why you are not doing this but you need to to get costing and WIP processed.

Hi Adam,

I’m still hitting the same error. is there any other way to resolve this?

Thx :slight_smile:

There is no “error” mentioned here, you want to remove teh ability to report more production. Can you post the error and the problem?

Hi Adam,

Noted that i’m able to click on “Report as Finished” till the quantity available for production. i still can click on the RAF but the error prompt:

total good quantity reported as finished for production will be 15,000.

quantity reported as finished exceeds the quantity standard.

so, that means, i can keep selecting RAF till the quantity available? do this will effect my production? how is this functioning? is there any steps to restrict the RAF selection?

Please advice.


Yes you can keep selecting the RAF quantity. Untick the “Accept Error” check box on teh RAF parameters as stated earlier. This is functioning to allow over reporting when routing is automated and the last operation would not balance, but you need to accept the error. “Accept Error” restricts it.

Why don’t people post the error messages they are receiving and post issue in the correct sequence beats me.

It would help :slight_smile: