ho w to create Purchase Order

Hi All,

May be you already addressed this problem.

We are going live in coming april .

Here want to enter the opening purchase orders, which are partially received.

That means i have a

purchaseorder qty=100,

Ho w to enter this purchase order in navision.

As standard that will not be possible as you cannot change qtyreceived. You may make some code to accomplish, but I will not recommend it.

On the other hand - why don’t you just write 25 (the remainings) into purchaseorder qty? I mean, when starting something new (going live with av new NAV) you sometimes have to “take it laying down” or “swollow a camel”, as we say here…


I could not understand what u had explained.

Please elaborate.

It would be very complicated to do this with the standard product (how to refelct the postings, what about Undo Receipts, how to calculate the quantity to invoice…)

When we migrate to Navision we tell the business to: invoice all received quantitites on the “old” systems and record the open quantity (qty ro receive) as the order quantity on Navision.

In your example the order quantty will be 25.

We also ask that old orders are checked to see if they are needed and delete the unwanted orders.

You could add an extra field to Purchase Line table to record the original order quantity or add a text line but this will only be relevant for a short time.

Good luck with the go-live. [:)]


I am expecting some more advices .

Please share your experience how to enter these open purchase orders.

Hi experts,

any ohter solutions to come out from this issue… Please share …

What is it about these suggestions that makes you not want to accept any of them? Is there anything in particular that you don’t want to do or that is not to your liking?

Thanks Denster,

The explanation what you had given is wonderful.

But different people will come with different thoughts ., that ‘s y I am asking the some more experts advices to get the different solutions on this.

Don’t misunderstand My dear MVP.

Still i a m looking some more experts advices on this issue…

I didn’t give you any explanation in this particular thread. You keep asking for a different answer, so it looks like you are dismissing the advice that you have gotten so far. It looks like you didn’t like something about the answers you got so far, or that there was something you didn’t understand. All that we are trying to do here is help you figure out your problem. Because you keep asking for a different answer I figured you needed more help, and I was trying to get to what it is you need.

Now you have explained that it’s not that you don’t like the answers you have so far, you just want more alternatives. Fair enough, if that’s all you want to know, but I don’t think you will get many more on this subject.

Well you could load the open purchase orders with teh quantity to receive set, then post all of the purchase orders based upon the quantity to receive.

Accounts will need to be happy that the GRNI is created as required. Exchange and costing variances will need to be accounted for. VAT/TAX returns. Intrastat will have been declared if applicable.

Your opening stock has to take into account the GRNI position

You then need to remove every GRNI you have purchased but sold.

Are you serilised, lot controlled? Bins? WMS? What costing method as this affects everything. What dates are you posting these as the currency exchange will have an impact. it just gets worse and worse.

I have never met anyone that has done this in 10 years and 50+ implementations, the simple reason is a cost benefit and the GRNI. In any data take on, unless the value gained is significant, keep it simple, you have enough to worry about going live. Having teh PO reflect what has happened is relevant for you in what way? Bring across the outstanding balance - that is all you need, then you handle GRNI how you want too, assuming you have a GRNI position currently or you can run it down with manual journals if not, the choice is yours. The stock takes care of the inventory asset and inventory position without complication and you move forward.

Keep it simple or we will see you posting many more questions on here pre and post live [:D]

Thanks Adam Roue,

U had given a good explanation, but I could not understand that one.

Still I am not able to understand how to solve this problem.

Please let me know with a good example .

I assume that the you will also load the existing stock into a item journal and post this to have the initial stock?

What you could do is to create the purchase orders with the original 100 quantity and put the 75 into the “Qty. to receive” field.
Then update the “Posting Date” in the PO and post a receipt.
When adding the lines to the item journal lines you would need to deduct the 75 from the quantity entered there.

This would lead into a “usable” purchase order which can be invoiced later.

The problem that you would be facing with this procedure is:
How do you rectify the invoices which you receive in april but have an issued date of march?
These you would need to post in the “old” system as it still refeers to the march period.
But posting these in the “old” system would mean to NOT post in the new system. This in fact would mean that you will have these “received not invoiced” quantities forever.

The best you can do is (as adviced many times already):
Just transfer the NOT RECEIVED quantities (25 in your example) and post the invoice in the old system.

If you later need to post the invoice also in NAV, you would just post the invoice using your “Opening balance”.

Thanks ,

Still I am not clear about the solution.

I will trhow one example.

Let say I have the item = A.

It has total Inventory = 100

Out of hundred ( 50 fully invoiced) and 50 not invoiced , that means received against the different open purchase order.

I created the item Jouranl for 100. And post it . now my stock is = 100.

Then second thing is

Let say purchase order Number 100 Qty = 20 Received = 10

Let say Purchase order Number 101 qty = 70 Received = 40.

Now let me know how to enter the open purchase orders.

Order Number 100, Qty. 10
Order Number 101, Qty. 30


I post these Purchase orders with that qty what you mentioned then my stock will became 150.

But my stock is only 100.

Than how to solve.

No, you create prchase orders of 40, do not post anything and your stock is 100!

Thanks Thomas sir,

Still I could not understand your valuable answer.

Could u expain with a suitable example about this . really it’s killing me .

You brought the example and I just used it.

Forget abot the received but not invoiced quantities in the purchase orders you create.

You just take care about the “Outstanding Quantity” of the old purchase orders.

The “Received not Invoiced” quantities must be invoiced in the old system.

Thanks Thomas sir,

I wil consider the purchase orders like that .

But when it comes to opening stock = 100

That opening stock has some Invoiced qty = 50 , some un invoiced qty = 50 ( just I know the expected cost only).

Through Item journal I posted the 100 as opening stock , but here which cost I need to consider .Then how to correct that uninvoiced qty later when I get the actual invoice .

Navision will not know about uninvoiced quantities.

Usually your expected costs should be good enough. If not : all you could do in such a case is to revalue the item ledger entries using the “Revaluation Journal”.