Can't close a Purchase Order because of open qty.

We have an old Purchase Order that calls for quantity ordered of 250. We received and invoiced 249 of them and we know we won’t ever receive the last 1. When I go into Navision to change the quantity to 249 it won’t let me.

Is there a way to handle this?

Thanks in advance,


If you Received & Invoiced 249 (by changing BOTH Qty to Invoice and Qty to Receipt) - then use Functions / Reopen and modify the Qty.

Orders with status “Released” are protected from accidental changes, you may Reopen it for editing as many times you wish.

Thanks I’ll try it.


If you do not need the order anymore, just go to the header and delete it then.

The system does not care if the order is open or released.
It will not let you delete the purchase order if there are any inconsistencies between received and invoiced quantities or any related Warehouse related lines exist.

Will it let you do that? I’ve never tried it. I’ll give it a shot.


I tried deleting the P/O and it came up with a message about Prepmt. Amt. Inv. must be 0 in line 10000.

Maybe that is what is stopping me from doing anything with this P/O.

Yeap. In this case you need to post a “Credit Memo” for the Prepayment.

But in this case you need to remember that you “lose” the money you already paid.

For posting the Prepmt. Credit Memo, click the “Posting” button and select “Post Prepayment Credit Memo” from the “Prepayment” option.


So we would just throw the Credit Memo away and not do anything with it just to get the Purchase Order out of the system?

Thanks we’ll try that.



Have you solved the problem?

If the Prepayment was 100%, after posting PCM you will need to post normal payment (through G/L Journal, as actual payment is done) + CM for difference, if less than 100% - then its more complicated and depends of amounts actually paid and difference in debt to Vendor, taking into consideration you didn/t receive full amount of goods.

We cheated and changed the quantity to 249 in the table.

Yes, it is possible with Partner license (other way exists, which I would NOT write here to popularize wrong approach and I would like to ask you, too, not to comment here how you did it).

However, don’t make this a habit, someday it will hit you back hard If you get your accountants used to such possibilities, they wouldn’t bother making errors in hope someone will come and hack them (errors, not accountants!) out.

We won’t make a habit of it… Because it was such an old P.O. we made an exception.

Thanks for the warning…

Hi Thomas,

Do you know if we can close PO in Navision (5.1) and how could we do that?



Other than posting it? What are you having trouble with exactly?