Reciving and invoicing process

i guys! I need some ideas . These are my processesses. How can i represent them in navision 4. I order 120 units at 1.20$ from my supplier. Because of customs and another third party system used for customs, I receive the next day the invoice and the packing slip where qty and costs are not the same: 100 units instead of 120; 1.22$ instead of 1.20$. I need to enter those information( 100 units and 1.20$) in Navision where an Interface must be built to be connected to the customs software. In the meantime, I physically receive goods anf after opening boxes, I found that i have only 95 units ( it can be more than 120 or even less). I then need to enter real qty received and qty invoiced in both Navision and the custom software. So my question is: How can I manage that scenario in Navision keeping in mind that the initial invoice from the supplier is important and must be enter in both system even if it is wrong.

Hi, I would do something like this: 1. Create Navision Blanket Order for 120 units and $1.20 and print PO to vendor 2. When you receive Invoice and Packing Slip you Create Navision Purchase Order from Balnket Order for 100 and 1.22 and Archive the Document - so your 1st arhived copy of the Purchase Order will represent Vendor Invoice. 3. When receive goods change Purchase Order Quantity to Real Quantity (let say 95) and process Purchase Receipt and Invoice. So lets summ: at the end you have: 1. Original Purchase Order = Navision Blanket Order 2. Vendor Invoice/Packing = Navision Archived Purchase Order 3. Actual Receipt/Invoice = Navision Purchase Receipt and Invoice All three documents will be interconnected and any kind of reporting can be developed with minimal effort.

Thanks Valentin! I think you gave me a good start so now how can I manage the qty and cost on invoice that need to be sent to the customs software?? Regards

Really great , I am having the same problem… I am intersested also to know how we will manage the qtys and costs thank you Jouhayna

Hi, When you receive merchandise you can have 2 situations: 1. Quantity is less than quantity in the Order - Receive Real quantity Received 2. Quantity is more than in the Order - Increase Quantity in the Order and receive Real Quantity. (Maibe you will need to make small modification to allow receive More then ordered on the Blanket Order. Your external system should read Quantity from Arhived Purchase Order - this is you actual Vendor Invoice.

Thanks Valentin! This will save me lots of customisation

If you are using LS Retail, the Receiving function in Inventory Management allows you to specify how the system handles receiving in various situations (too many, not enough, not found, not ordered, return) - might be worth looking at that in designing business rules and procedures for the interface to the customs system. The design of the interface will also depend on how you have to report the other Inventory transactions (undo receipt, returns to vendors, inventory adjustments, sales, sales returns) to the customs system (separate initiation points for each transaction type, or a common routine using (say) Item Ledger Entry ???)

Hi Liz, are you familiar with the ls retail? I’m trying to find a way to use requisition worksheet in Navision or is there another way in the Ls retail?

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