Qty - to receive should be blank.

Hi experts,

Iam working on Nav 4.0 sp3.

I created a purchase order for 50 Items and send it to supplier.

after 3 days i received the 8 Items Only.

what my problem is i need to change the Qty to receive filed manully for all items.

this is big job.

i need this field always shoul be balnk.

please let me know where we have to write the code .

  1. If post the purchase order with the 8 items then system will create the purchase receipt document with 50 items( which iterm qty is zero)

In purchae receipt it should update thewhen the qty is not zero .

how it is possible.

Please let meknow .

if possible share the coding also.

Look in table 37, you will find two functions, one that sets the Qty to receive and one that sets the qty to invoice. Take a look at how they work and play around with ways to get it to do what you need.

As to sharing the coding, that is not the thing to do, don’t be lazy. Start the coding yourself and when you have errors ask for more help, but don’t simply expect us to do your work for you unless you also expect us to get paid for it instead of you.

I will give you a hint though. The starting place is to go to the Sales & Receivables Setup table and add a new field “Default Qty To Rec. To Zero”::Boolean.

Good luck.

Small correction: he’s talking about purchasing, so that would be table 39 (Purchase Line), and the boolean would go into Purchases & Payables Setup.

Be careful with those functions though, and test them back, forth and from side to side. It is very important to get the quantity functions right, and it is really easy to screw them up completely (I speak from personal experience :)).

The “field always blank” works great for the situation you describe, but what about the case where the supplier send 49 of the 50 items?

I agree with the"…start the coding yourself…" comment above, but also believe in the saying “don’t reinvent the wheel”. What you are describing is a standard feature of newer NAV versions. Look at how MS has approached this and let it guide your design. This could make upgrading easier when the time comes.

Have a look at 2009 (not sure when it came in)

P&P Setup “Default Qty to Ship/Rec” settings are “Remainder” or “Blank”.

There is a default Quantity to Ship field in teh S&R setup as well with the same options.