Purchase Orders still open

Hi There, Users have posted few purchase orders for year 04 and they are still open in navision. When I was doing some house keeping for navision, I have came across of these po’s still sitting in navision. I thought of deleting them but I have a question. There are some po’s in navision, where by the qty received is full and in some cases qty received is partial but they have not been invoiced. This means the po’s has only receipts posted but not any invoices. Now if I intend to clear these po’s, how and what will be the best way of doing it. If I do undo receipts, how will it effect my present inventory balance in system. How and what is the best way of clearing these po’s from navision. Best Regards Khan\

If you want to complete it via the official way you need to invoice them. Then after that you can create a credit memo for this invoice.

I normally just post the invoice at $0.00. Then if a rael ivocie comes from the vendor, just handle it as a miscelaneous invoice. On the received lines, you can set unit cost differnt to direct unit cost, so you can stll get inventory valuation correct. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you simply delete (with code) these open orders if there is any received not invoiced qty.

Here is what we do, we add a new line to the po for a G/L account, inventory reserve, and enter a negative amount for the value of the total Purchase order, This way the items can be invoiced, and the inventory reserve can be accrued, the net Purchase invoice recorded is for zero dollars. Inventory minus reserve This way you have correctly recorded your inventory and set up a reserve that can be charged if the vendor later comes back and invoices you for the items. If that doesn’t happen you can clear the reserve account following generaly accepted account principles.