Change qty on a PO

Hi! How easy is it for receiving to change the quantity on a PO and pretend to be the original PO? Seems there is a security breach there. Thanks

If you receive a purchase order in navision, normaly you are in the orriginal order, you have to reopen the order to change the quantity. What is it exactly that you want?

Hi Mark In fact I/m just worry about one person can easily change the qty on the original PO , receive against tha PO and pretend that the qty received was the qty orinally ordered. Is there any kind of restrictions to not allowing receiving people to change original qty? Thanks.

What we mostly do is making a new field, “orriginal quantity” in the purchase line and populate this the first time the order is released. This way you can easily track changes. You can also do more sophisticated things or use change log. My experience is making a new field does the trick and keeps things simple.

Hi Shanna! You can also use the release function, the person who created the PO is the person who should be able to change qty ordered. ( Permissions should be put on the release function). At the receiving, only “qty to receive” field should be editable the others should be block for editing. In this case, no customisation is used, only permissions. Hope it’s help.

In order for any user to change the original order quantity, the order must be re-opened. You can restrict permissions to the re-open function in the security settings, and make it impossible for those users to change the order quantity.

Unfortunately Release and Reopen is the same codeunit so it is not possible to split this in the permissions. Maybe Microsoft will change this in the future [:D]

I think though that receiving are not allowed to Release or Open and Order, so I think this is the correct solution. At least its how I always do it.