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plz explain me about cash discount and free text invoice in dynamics ax 2009


The discount which you give to your customer (sales perspective)when he settles an invoice in the specified time frame(terms set by the company).

Ex: I invoiced a customer for 100 USD specifying the term as if he settles the invoice in first one week i will give him a discount of 1 %, so, when he settles the invoice in first week he can close the invoice by just settling the 99 USD.( you can attach the cash discount term in cash discount column in journal lines or SO).

Free text Invoice: Suppose, if you are selling something which is not part of your inventory like scrap(Ex:Daily news papers which need to be sold at every month), then you can use free text invoice where u will not need to specify the item number u are selling. Just specifying the price of the scrap you are selling will be enough.


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Thanks Santosh for your reply

In Sales Line I have two options.

1- Discount

2- Discount pct.

I don’t understand their function.I wrote discount amount in Discount column but it does’nt work.