Giving discount after the Sales Order is invoiced to customer

A requirement from Clint, Can any one help in mapping AX 2009
S.O :- 00000123_756
Customer :- 0000342
Qty :- 10
Unit Pricw :- 100
Amount :- 1000

He is asking to reduce the amount afte the sales invoice is completed,
He is giving 10 % discount after the goods is sold in the market. Initially he will sell the items according to the market price. later he will claim 10 % disount from Company.

How do we map in AX 2009

  1. Client is asking us to reduce the discount amount from the Item sales price. How do we address in AX 2009.

What you are talking about here is not clear, are you saying that the company gets a 10% rebate from the supplier that they then keep for themselves or pass onto the customer, or are you saying he sells at one rate and post invoice he wants to reduce it so the customer pays less. If this is the case is it the customer claiming the 10% if they are under what scheme and agreement, this would imply a miss sell and the setup of the system is incorrect, but then if it is a rebate this is completely different and it depends how they want this reported in sales. If it is just a reduction to the customer the simplest way to do this is to put a negative line on the order for the original transaction and a new line at the new price and invoicing in one go creates an in and out at stock and a credit - obviously you have to watch the return cost depending upon your costing method, and you will have an open credit transaction that would need to be applied to the originally generated invoice.