Credit Note to the Customer

Hi All

I have created some of the invoicesof ,say, 30,000 to the customer but now the customer is asking some discount , say,5000, and said to send the credit note on the whole invoices. Can anyone tell me how can i do this in AX, the procedure, do i have to use the “Free Text Invoiceing” and while selecting the customer, i have to select the customer account of the invoice account customer.

please advise


Hi Imran,

As per situation, customer is asking for a discount after the SO is invoice updated. posting a credit note is not a appropriate way as credit note posting impacts inventory.

You can do one thing:

Create a general journal, select account type as customer, select customer account and offset it to sales discount account after entering required amount.

Now when you post this, customer will have a credit balance in system. You can offset this by paying back or settling to some other transaction.


i think if we use GL then it will not tally the GL and Module. in th module report it will show at is it.

i think through the free text invoicing we can use by selecting the -ve amount

Financially… there will be no difference between FT invoice or general journal. In FT invoice also you will be selecting offset account and customer account will be picked from posting profile.

You can use that also.


But i think modular wise it is difference, it effect in GL and Module. Here we are raising the receivables from the AR and payment is done in the AR. So the GL and Module will tally at the end.

So here we will take teh discount account and the amount in -ve.


Hi Imran,

You are right on your track. It depends how you want to take it. As per me, this is an adjustment entry. So using journal is common as actually i am not invoicing customer. In the transaction description of the journal i can write the required narration. On the other hand using FT invoice you are actually giving credit to your customer from invoice perspective.

You can go both the ways whichever you feel is better and is agreed upon by accounts people.


while selecting the customer do we have to select the Invoice account customer or the customer account, i think invoice account customer number is to be selected and the amount in -ve.