Inventory and credit memos

Is it possible to post a credit memo on items with no influence on inventory (e.g. for lost items) ?

Hi, I think you should describe your problem more clear. - What credit memo Purchase or Sales? - What is a problem? - What GL accounts you want debet and credit? - What customer or vendor entries do you want to have? … Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

The problem is as follows : Some customers are asking for discount. But they are asking to receive an invoice where the bought items are invoiced at their full price. They ask for the discount to take the form of a credit memo based on the same items. In standard navision, creating a credit memo based on the same items will create the re-entry in stock of the items quantities that were first shipped… If the credit memo is based on G/L accounts, it will be impossible to have a correct view of the sales items per items for the discount won’t be directly associated to its original item. It seems to me that the only complete solution would be to be able to base the credit memo on the items but ask the system not to make the stock re-entry. Is it possible in Navision standard?? Does anyone have a solution to such a problem??? Example: ------- Let’s take customer (C-1) who makes an order (O-1) on item (I-1). Discount 10 %. Beginning inventory I-1 : 1000. So you make a sales order on item I-1 (100 pieces, unit price : 10). You post the invoice, the results is : - customer C-1 : sales 1000 - item I-1 : inventory : 1000-100=900 pieces Then you post a credit memo on I-1 : (100 pieces, unit price : 1). The result is : - customer C-1 : sales -100 - item I-1 : inventory : 900+100=1000 pcs. Customer C-1 Sales statistics are OK : sales 1000-100=900. Inventory I-1 : 1000-100+100 = 1000 pcs is wrong. The question is : is it possible to make such discount and choose whether you want to make an entry on stocks or not ?

Sometimes you should tell the customer NO. It seems like a VERY complicated way of doing business. I guess one way of accomplishing the whole thing is to post the sales order and the credit memo, then post a separate order (maybe from a different number sequence) that reverses the whole thing and adds the actual line? The correcting order would stay inhouse. In your example, the correcting order would list -100 pieces @ 10, 100 pieces @ 1, and finally 100 pieces at 9. -jp

If mentioned invoice and credit memo can both have the same date, then I would solve this as following: - post an invoice, including line discounts, as usually - give the user possibility to print TWO documents from this posted invoice: an invoice with prices without line discounts and a credit memo with discount amounts P.S. I also cannot figure out why this functionality may be needed. Best regards, Otto Dreyer NRG Ltd.

We had the same problem, that e.g. our Sales Statistics were incorrect. Our NSC made a modification i codeunit 80, and a new field on table 37 and table 83 (e.g. Post Item Quantity, Boolean). When the credit memo is posted and “Post Item Quantity” = true it is a normal Credit Memo, if “Post Item Quantity” = Flase then a item ledger entry with 0 in quantity is posted, and everything else posted as a normal Credit Memo. It works fine.

Make 2 lines in your invoice article 1000 pieces full price article -100 pieces full price change text in rebate