Credit Note & Debit Note.....

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I want to enter Sales Credit Note and Purchase Debit Note against customer or Vendor respectively. It’s should not affect the Item but only Financial settlement with Vendor or customer.

Is there any particular facility for the same in AX…?


Jinesh Shah

In that case you can use general journal. Be sure while picking offset account in both cases.


You could also use a free text invoice for the sales credit.

Like Free Text Invoice …Is there any way for Purchase Debit Note other than General journal…?

Hi, for AP you can use venor invoice journal.


Generally we will use the Free text invoice for the non Qty related transactions . If i want adjust the wrong posted sales invocie do i need to put the negative amount or what ?

Thanks in advance.

Can i know the path in AP and does the same form availble in Finance ledger also ? If yes ,please let me know the path in Finance ledge also .

Navigate to Accounts Payable > Journals > Invoice Journa…

AP Invoice journal and general journal is based on same table ledgerjournaltrans. Even on AP invoice journal you can use account non other than vendor by changing default account type in General tab.


For Free text invoice, you need to enter quantity and price. You can enter either positive or negative amount as equred for adjustment.

If inventory needs to be impacted then the best way is to use credit memo. But that is not be used in this case. Probably thats why Adam suggested Free text invoice.


a) I agree. so if user need to adjust the posted sales invoice , then user should enter the negative Qty and value in the free text invoice for non Qty related transactions.

b) I agree with Adam roue for non qty related transactions Free text invoice and Qty related transactions Credtitmemo to correct wrong posted sales invoice.

Thanks Pranav,

Does AX has the Finanical Journals like Cash Receipt , Cash payment , bank receipt , Bank payment , Contra Vouchers as standard or need to customize ?

You can create seperate journals for each one of them. The objective of all the journals are same, to debit one or more account and credit others.

So create different journals using GL Setup > Journals > Journal name.


Thanks Pranav,

I could not find any Journal type like Cash Receipt , Cash Payment , Bank Receipt , Bank Payment … If i have to create these journals what would be the Journal type i need to select .

Please suggest me.

There is no seperate journal type, instead you can create journal type for general ledger and bank transaction, for customer and vendor payment you need to use customer payment and vendor disbursement.

AX is not like NAV wrt to journals. In NAV you have different options but technically you will see that at backend table is same. Only names are different. So is the case with AX, where you can create different journals with different name.


Thanks Pranav,

I do understand AX is not like NAV , that business process is same to all companies . As you know in india companies will use different vouchers as i explained above. ( I know the back end table is same for all finanical journals in NAV and AX ) . But my doubt is what would be the journal type for the follwing journals . Please advice me.

General Journal

Journal voucher

Cash Receipt Voucher

Cash Payment Vocher

Bank Receipt Voucher

Bank payment voucher

Contra voucher.

Different businesses and users will have different interpretations:

General Journal - Daily

Journal voucher - Daily - Depends what you actually use it for.

Cash Receipt Voucher - Customer Payment

Cash Payment Vocher - Vendor Disbursement

Bank Receipt Voucher - This is outside of Customer receipts? Daily?

Bank payment voucher - This is outside of vendor payments? Daily?

Contra voucher. - Daily depending upon what you use it for and when.