Close customer invoice

Hi All ,

Assume that customer invoice amount is $ 1200 , but the customer paid $ 1195 against the same invoice and rest of the $5 would not pay in the future.

Now how to close that invoice .

The same concept is applicable for vendors also .

Is there any solution available in Standard AX 09&12 ?

There are two options that i will suggest:

  1. During the settlement, you can use the cash discount. This way Rs 5 will be posted as cash discount and journal will be posted by 1995. Rs 5 will hit the cash discount account or alternative cash discount account.

  2. Post the payment journal for Rs1995 with settlement to 2000. Now post another general journal for remaining Rs 5 and settle to the same invoice.

You can also try full settlement feature but i am not sure of that.


Thanks Pranav,

Apart from the above solutions , is there any default setup ( like Payment tolerance functionality- which is available in NAVISION ) in Ax 09 & 12 to settle automatically ?