Customer Invoice settlement

Hi All,

Can anyone explain how to do settlement process in ax 2009 using payment journal?..

For Example,

I have invoiced an SO-1101…I have to settle the invoice amount(1000) for that sales order(CustomerAcc-1201)… And How can I check whether the amount has been settled or not???

Thanks in Advance…

Hi ,

select the function button in customer master form , all settle transaction are there under closed transaction edition and unsettle transactions sits under open transaction edition, check it.


You can also identity it from the customer transactions. If the transaction has balance, then it means that it is either partially settled or not fully settled. You can also find settlement related in settlement tab.

Hi Kranthi,
can u tell me the use of…
AR->Journal->Payment journal->Lines->Functions-> Settlement

It is used to settle the payment with invoices. Here you choose with which invoices you want to settle the current payment.

It is disabled always in my ax 2009…

Did you entered the customer on journal line?

Yes.I have enterd the customer…

Is that an inter company journal line or approval active on the journal and not yet approved?
There are few checks in \Classes\LedgerJournalFormTrans\setSettlementButtonEnable , please try to debug.