Force Page Break with Transport Header

With the limited documentation I have and my training comming up in a week, I’m at a loss here. How do I force a report to break after x number of detail lines have printed and make the transport header trigger? I can get the page break to work with NEWPAGE but, that function does not support transport headers and footers.

It depends how many levels (one, two, more?) the report consists of. Generally the following tips might be useful: 1) Define a header for the lowest-level DataItem and define the section-property of the header as PrintOnEveryPage=Yes 2) Transport-headers don’t work on the lowest level! Example: If you have a two level report consisting of Sales Header and Sales Line, the Transport Header has to be defined on Level “Sales Header”. 3) On n-Level Reports (where n>1) you might have to define the same Header (Titles etc.) twice; once as Header and a second time as Transport header. Hope this helps. Otherwise let us know how many DataItem levels your report has. Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872