Report Design Page Break

Hello, [8)] I would like to create a page break in my report. But only if it cannot print a group of information before it comes at the end of the page. For instance: Two data item X (first)and Y depending on each other; I have a header section from Y where I put some fields like X.Field; also a header and a body section from Y. I would like the report to create a page break if it cannot print all lines from Y body (6 or 7 lines max). Did anyone encouter and solved this kind of problem yet. It should print the Y header and body lines together without splitting on different pages until it comes at a new X Record Thanks a lot, Vanina

Hi Vanina This can be done, but it relies on a little trial and error in development. In the OnAftergetRecord of the X DataItem you must calculate how many of the Y DataItems will be printed. You do this by applying all the Y dataItem filters to a copy of the Y dataitem defined in Global Variables and using COUNT. If there are too many to print then you can call CURRREPORT.BREAK which prints the X dataitem Header information. The problem is to find how many Y dataitems fit on a page which you can find by trial and error. Regards David

I will try that, thank you David [:)]