Strange Behaviour of Transfooter/-header

hi, I am designing an invoice report and I noticed that the transheaders/-footers dont work correctly in one special case: when I have the exact amount of saleslines to fit on one page and no more lines on the next page, I dont get a footer on the first page and the transheader isnt printed on the second page either. First I thought that its a bug. But then I tried the Navision standard invoice report und noticed the same strange behaviour. But this is unaccecptable for our customers. As it seems to be an commun problem there might be someone out there who knows a solution to this annoying problem. thanks in advance and excuse my grammar/spelling. Marc Deitermann

Hi Marc, the Navision manual says to a transfooter. TransportFooter A page break occurs during a data item loop. Printed before the page break, This section is printed before a possible Footer section of the data item. So, if you don’t have data for the next page, you will have no “page break during a data item loop” and therefore no printed transfooter or transheader, maybe that’s it. Micha