Hey, is there any way I can control the value of the property ‘NewPagePerGroup’ on the DataItem in a report?? The user wants to control this from the request form.

From Online Help: NEWPAGE (Report) Use this function to force a page break when printing a report. NEWPAGE Comments The page break generated by NEWPAGE is treated exactly like the page breaks that are generated automatically by the system with one exception: footers and headers will be printed in the same way as when an automatic page break occurs, but transport footers and headers are not generated and printed. Example If you have a certain table where you want to start a new page before certain records when printing a list of the table, you can use NEWPAGE like this in the OnPreSection trigger of the Body section of the relevant data item: IF “Spare Parts”.Pagebreak THEN CurrReport.NEWPAGE; The Pagebreak variable is supposed to be of type boolean, and when it is TRUE, a page break will be generated. So you could ask the user for the page break and set it dynamically in your code.

“TOTALSCAUSEDBY” tells you, which GroupField causes the grouping. With this information you can decide to set NEWPAGE or not. See OnlineHelp on TOTALSCAUSEDBY.