How to make page break for a report?

Dear all,

I’ve got a 2 dataItem in this report, DataItem 1: “Sales Header” (section including Header, Body), DataItem 2:“Sales Line”(section including Header, Body, Group footer) . I need to have a page break for each Sales Order… but I still doesn’t know how to make it work.

Please give me some tip if you know, I’m appreciated it.

How about on the Sales header Dataitem ->View Properties->NewPagePerRecord=YES

I’m very appreciated your help. Though, my report still have problem but you already give me some hint. thank you.

At the moment, I can successful break page by Sales Order, but I also need to break page by shipment date in Sales Line dataitem. The NewPagePerPage property seems couldn’t decide when to break. the basic concept as following:


Shipment date: 1/1

Line No. Customer Quantity …

Thanks for your help.

I think are the properties of indenting dataitem, which are DataItemTableView and GroupTotalField cause the problem…[:)]