I’m uncertain how to trouble shoot users from France connecting via Citrix into our Navision database. Today they couldn’t login because of a fin.htm error?

Message is: ’ The file C:\Program Files/Navision Financials\fin.htm already exits’

Everything was fine until we passed through daylight saving time. I don’t know if this could be a factor. Let me know if this topic, fin.htm failures, has ever been discussed. I’m absolutely helpless on how to fix this problem.


John Marshall

I have no idea what you are talking about, but I do know how to work a search engine. [:P]

Try looking at this post for a couple of suggested solutions.

Hello John,

Do you have a fix for ths problem?

We don’t use Citrix but have you checked user permissions for the different folders on the server?

When I have a problem that is new to me and the team i start with Google!

This is a bug, but I did think it had been fixed. What Version of NAV are you running (executables).

basically the fin.htm, fin.etm and fin.stm files all have a time stamp, and if the ssytem finds and old file it trys to rebuild it. In citrix, most likely the users do not have write permission to the Program Files folder, and get the error. Its a long time since I had the issue, but I think a work around is to log in as administrator, and run FIN.EXE which creates the stx, etx and htx files.

Thanks for everyone helping out. I did google research ‘fin.htm’ -and the comments always refered to Citrix -and time adjustment.

Here’s what happened. At the USA warehouse the worked got the same error message ’ The file C:\Program Files/Navision Financials\fin.htm already exits’

and they couldn’t log in. Late in the day they tried again - and it worked! Later that night France attempted to log into Navision. And they were successfull. My impression is that Citrix needed to synchronize the network enterprise time stamp on all computers? Thanks for your support comments.


It is six months later and today (US) I got a message from France that the users couldn’t access Navision because of ‘fin.htm already exists’. I posted six months ago when we had our last time change (spring) and today this scenario reappears. I told the french workers it will take twenty four hours for the servers citrix/ navision to synch before they can log in.

I’m curious why this anomolgy occurs every time change? and if there is a simple rememdy. In this event I was prepared, and informed the workers they need to wait one working day for the Synche.


Every daylight saving time change we suffer with no access to Navision with this message : fin.hmt already esists. It’s takes a day for the time change to synche.

We are four days since the recent time change and our workers are still unable to access Navision.

I don’t know what to do. How can I get the company working with a Navision session without this ‘fin.hmt already exists’ message. How is this corrected. We are unable to process orders and ship. I am almost thinking I should delete fin.hmt at the server thinking it would rebuild. But I don’t know. Can anyone please advise. Thanks.

Ok. SNAFU under control. It took three days for the time synche. That’s what the Navision message suggests ‘fin.hmt already exisits’ -that until there is a synching of time users will be unable to login. Later in the day in France (Server is in California USA) the workers were able to log into Navision. What I learned from the French office is that the computers have different time stamps. One machine may be 3:15 and another machine 15:15. So this anomoly deals with 12 hour time and 24 hour time. Six months from now when we have another daylight saving time change I’ll be prepared. Thanks John M