Navision Log in Error

We are in Los Angeles. Every daylight savings change our office in France cannot access Navision through our Term Server Citrix connection for one - three days. It always (every six months) takes one to two days for Navision to synch. The error in France when a user attempts to log in is ‘fin.hmt already exits’ .

It is six days since the time change and the users after connecting through Citrix to log into Navision keep getting the error ‘fin.hmt already exists’. We have lost a week’s work. Every attempt for the French users to access Navision in the last five days has failed.

Our company wanted to locate Navision support in Los Angeles to hire a Navision tech specialist to fix this problem. We were informed that we need to contact our original vendor, Tectura. We did this and after several phone calls and an email to Tectura we have received no response.

We installed Navision 2.01B in 1999. We have been without issues over the years except for the events during a time change. This event with the fin.hmt needs to be corrected. Is there a company with Navision expertise in the Los Angeles area that we could invite to help us with this crippling situation. We are urgent to have our users in France have a successful Navision login. I will sincerely appreciate your thoughts on this topic.


Chuck M

The following information is provided by Microsoft:

"Navision uses the fin.hmt file as an index by inserting timestamps in the hmt to keep track of changes in the help files. If the server and the client(s) have different settings for time zone or daylight saving time, the error will occur. In order to prevent the issue, all computers must have identical time zone and daylight saving time adjustment settings. " in KB 874307

As this file is located in the “help” directory only, my best guess is that the system should even work without. This filse is (as far as I remember) not part of the installation CD but created by the application itself when you start the Navision client (I just tried with NAV 2.60).

Another “very weird” idea could be that you actually have two different versions of this file one for summer time and one for winter time and just replace the files with each other when daylight saving switches.

Another thing around this - and how you could prevent the issue in the future:

You should provide two different client folders, one for your local time zone clients and one for the french clients.

The problem is that the time (zone) must be the same for all machines using the FIN Client.
So when you run from two different time zones - you should have one client folder per time zone to prevent this.

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