We have recently installed a new citrix metaframe server. It is being used for Navision and Outlook applications. We have offices in multiple time zones and have started to receive errors regarding the htm file on open of Navision. We have tried changing the metaframe setting to NOT use client local setting. This works until the user goes into Outlook and sets the Outlook calendar to point to their time zone, which changes the time zone on the metaframe server. Then the next person to log on to Navision from a different time zone has the problem. Is there a quick fix to allow each user to have their own individual copy of Fin.htm? If so how do you get the Navision client to check it based on user profile? Is the only solution to create more than one Navision install for the client on the metaframe server. i.e one for each timezone with it own fin.htm. Thank you for your help. [?]

Is it possible for You to upgrade Your C/SIDE? This problem has been fixed in later versions (from 3.10 i think) /Lars

Hello We use two Navision client installs on our Citrix servers, one for each time zone. That was the simplest work around we could figure out. Michael

Thank you, I believe we will go with the multiple installs for now.