Fill Utility

Where is the Fill Utility located in AX, and what is the purpose of this.

HI Sheedhar,

Actually Fill Utility is nothing if you want copy the one field data to group of data…we use fill utility.

For example…in the InventTable you want to replace the itemGroup with some value ,individaully no need replace then you can use the fill utility…

It can be when you right click on the form and go to record info there you can find the option “Fill Utility” option.

Thanks Naresh for you reply

Before doing that one please check Fill utility is Activated or not in ur application.Fill utility is located in ur application at Administration—>setup–>System–>configuration–>Administration.Here u can find the fill utility option .if u checked here means it will come like naresh told in the above.But it was available before Ax 2009.