Ax Anywhere and GUN

Hello everybody,

I’ve a problem to fill the following field(‘Scan dest Loc’) for a transfert in the GUN :

First of all, I went to the class AXAWMSIITScanToLocation that is the right class where I added the following code in the ‘onLoad’ method :

splResults = SPLWMSSearchBufferLocation.searchLocation(axaWMSIMain.varItemId());

if ( conPeek(splResults, 1 ) == 0 )


splWmsLocation = conPeek(splResults,2);





But, I know very well that there is a result in the variable splWmsLocation beacause I’ve tested by writting in the event viewer of Windows. But impossible to put my result in the textbox. I’ve also tried to uncomment the line in comment(see above) but nothing has changed.

I’ve also tried to assign a variable to the field but it doesn’t work. How to and where initialize my variable SPLWmsInventLocation(see below) ?