InventDim and InventLocation

Hi, Can you please explain me how Axapta set up so when user lookup for inventdimId → It show the list InventLocation on the lookup form. I want to create an extra field (NoYes) on InventDim (or InventLocation) Table. If I tick the NoYes column. I want it doesn’t show this record in the lookup form. Please help

hi, overwrite lookup method using standard systablelookup class. Regards Ritesh

Hello if already you have created a field in the table inventdim so that it does not let to you choose si/no you have to change in the properties of the field (morphx) option “ALLOW EDIT” until NO

Hi RiteshSrivastava, Thanks for response. If override the lookup method. I have to override eveywhere InventDimId appear in AXAPTA. Do you have any other way?

Can you please explain your problem more? what lookup are you trying to change? Because from your question I see you are selecting InventDimId, and users don’t see this code at all. They select inventLocationId instead, for example. Is this what you meant?

Because if you meant selecting InventLocationId, than you should check out the EDT InventLocationId. It has a property FormHelp - InventLocationIdLookup. This form is called every time this filled is being looked up. So in the InventLocation datasource in this form you can add your range and it will work everywhere where not modified otherwise. (and I think you should add the checkbox into the InventLocation table instead of inventDim)

That’s Greate Kashperuk! Thank you very much.