Ax- reports


I am new to AX and need a little help with forms. What i need to do is, is to display Item name, item group and the related posting profiles (G/L accounts to each of them). The tables i am using are InventPosting and InventTable

Item Name Item Group Purchase,packingslipoffset Purchase,receipt

xyz port 111111 - –

asd qwer ---- 454545

…and so on for the rest of the items. I am unable to get through with this. HELP ! :slight_smile:

I got through with the issue… i used query in init method. Form shows the GL accounts.

Also i have created separate datasources for each Production, Purchase,Sales etc…

The problem I am facing now is… how do i do it for Purchase packing slip, purchase consumption

as it keeps on showing the same value as i have dragged the fields from that particular datasource.

here the datasource is same. What next ? Its stupid to create datasource for rest of the remaining accounts.