FIELDCAPTION does not appear to work.

Hello, One of our customers has moved fom Financials GB2.01 to Attain 3.10. They use dimensions in Attain, but only at present as Department & Project as per Financials. In some areas of the system we have made Department Code (Shortcut Dimenstion 1 Code) mandatory. The following code is an example: IF “Shortcut Dimension 1 Code” = ‘’ THEN ERROR(COSLText001,FIELDCAPTION(“Shortcut Dimension 1 Code”)); Where: Name ConstValue COSLText001 %1 cannot be blank (For ENG & ENU). Shortcut Dimension 1 Code is set up under General Ledger Setup as Department Code & appears everywhere else in the database as Department Code. However, the error message does not return the expected error message: “Department Code cannot be blank.” But instead returns the following: “Shortcut Dimension 1 Code cannot be blank.” [:(!] I have applied all Attain GB3.10 hotfixes (Upto Hotfix 6) to the client I am using & this does not appear to make a difference, nor does re-running the Change Global Dimensions Function in General Ledger Setup. I have also tried this in the Beta version of 3.60 & found that this does the same thing. Are we doing something incorrect or is FIELDCAPTION not working? [}:)]

Hi I’ll give You some hints: Shortcut Dimension 1 Code is infact the field caption. The name of the dimension that is presented to the user is made by the property Captionclass. As You can see (in table 36, field 29 for example) it’s ‘1,2,1’ for Shortcut dimension 1. You can also look in codeunit 1 and the function “DimCaptionClassTranslate”. It’s this function who returns the actual name of the dimension. Hope it’s useful

Hi, Dimensions can be setup mandatory via settings as well. This way you can you make sure that posting on a particular itemi it is obliged to fill in a dimensions. To check this go to card of the item, client or account. Button, Dimensions. Then you come into the Default Dimension Window. Here you can setup mandatory dimensions. So you don’t need code to do this. Good luck!!

Hello Lars & Sven - Thanks for the feedback! Lars - I will look into your suggestion. Sven - I have found that Mandatory Dimentions, as you describe do not work! Please try the following: If you make Department Code (Global Dimension 1) mandatory for the Vendor table under Account Type Default Dim, but not specify which Department Cde (Because they may be different) & also under Vendors on the Vendor card (Again, code mandatory, but no code specified beacuse different departments may order goods), but have no other Default Dimensions specified, Attain will let you receive goods on a purchase order without a Department Code being specified! [:0] However, if you then add Project Code (Global Dimesion2) to the Vendor Card & specify a default Project Code, then Attain will stop you from receiving goods on a Purchase Order because you have not specified a Department Code! [:D] I believe that this happens becasue Attain checks the associated Document Dimentions for the Purchase Order against the setups, but if none have been entered (Beacuse, although Department Code is mandatory, the user does not know this & does not enter one), the checks do not occur because there are no records to check. I would have thought that Attain should check the Dimention setups for tables & Vendors as part of the posting checks & not just on the Document Dimensions. This happens in Attain 3.01, 3.10 & 3.60. I have passed this query to MBS(UK), but would be intereted in your thoughts. Is this a bug [}:)] or am I setting dimentions up incorrectly? [B)] Many thanks in advance.