Dimension Flowfilter Issue

My mission is to add Shortcut Dimension 3,4,5 to the GL Entry table and, modify codeunit 12 to post from the general journal. The goal is to provide the functionality of the Global Dim 1/2 to Shortcut 3,4,5. It should allow flow-filtering at the Chart of Accounts level. So… I’ve learned a lot about CaptionClass, Codeunit 1.

I’m about 4 hours in and it all seems to be working except one thing… When I’m on the Chart of Accounts form I can’t select the new dimensions from a lookup. They show up with thei correct captions in the flow filter list. When you perform a lookup in the flow filter form they present a lookup form with the correct heading, and with the correct dimension values. However, when you press {Enter] to select a value the form closes, you return to the flowfilter form and the field is blank. You can copy/paste… not very elegant.

Here’s the OnLookup Code in the table for Shortcut Dimension 3 Filter…

CodeReturned := LookupAndReturnDimCode(3); //>> To easily trace the value returned
SETFILTER(“Shortcut Dimension 3 Filter”,CodeReturned);

Function[LookupAndReturnDimCode] - G/L Account Table


Function in Dimension Management Codeunit [LookupDimReturncodeValue]

IF GLSetupShortcutDimCode[FieldNumber] = ‘’ THEN
DimVal.SETRANGE(“Dimension Code”,GLSetupShortcutDimCode[FieldNumber]);

I’m stumped… the lookup passes a value back to the table OnLookup trigger code, but the SetFilter fails. Hmmmmm…