Dimension filters advice

hi everybody!! i don’t know how much every of you know about dimensions in attain. this post is only to prevent everybody about aplying filters in Dimension filters fields. try to do this 1.- go to inventory, items. the item card appears. 2.- push shft+f7 (flow filters) 3.- in department or project filter (no matter which) write any or some codes, i. e. PRJCTA…PRJCTC (these are supposed values of course) 4.- push the apply button … and you will see a beautiful message with a big… big… big error. i said big 3 times 'cause dimension filters are basic i think. the solution of course passes through modifying the neccessary table keys, but i think Navision could arrive to all of us a little bit more depurated, don’t you? there is a service system created explaining this situation in the partnerguide, but i more believe and recommend this forum and not navision’s forum (it’s my particular war against navision technical support in spain…) regards to all.

[:0] New navision is wonderfull For execute the flowfilter in the Item table, you must activate Key in table “Item ledger entry”,“Sales line”,“Purchase line”,“Prod. order line”,“Prod. order component” and after create key in table “Service invoice line” and after

And after create a key in table “Service invoice line”

The error is actually in the translation/localization of the product. The key you need is already defined, but not activated. It belongs to the Key Group “Item D/P”. However, in File, Database, Information, Tables, Key Groups the names of the key groups are translated, so the Item D/P key group does not exist. I suspect that in the W1 and english language versions, activating the key groups with “D/P” in them will solve the problem.

yes, i do activate those keys in those tables, of course, thanks to all. but i believe it’s a great sh*t launch a product like navision with i think some “essential” functionality that doesn’t work when in previous versions it worked correctly… this is my “monthly thought” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ok it’s no time to tell you my life XDDD zanx again & regards.

The keys are there, they are just not activated. I think you can activate them all at once, by creating new key-group called Item(D/P), Sales(D/P) and Purch(D/P) and then activating those key groups. Haven’t tried it though.