Problems with dimension shortcuts.

Hello Navision User Group.

First of all, thank you very much for your time.

In my journal i have problems using the first shortcut dimension:

I cant find the collumn for Dimension shortcut 1. When i try to add collums i can only find dimension shortcut 2-8, but number 1 is missing.

Ive posted a screenshot below. The language is danish but as you can see i can only add the shortcut dimension 2-8 and not 1. Its a problem for me because i have only 1 dimension and in the general ledger setup it is automatic set to be shortcut dimension 1 (so right now i cannot use my only dimension).

Im using Nav2015. If you need to see any other screenshots from my system i can post it in english when i get home tonight (my version at home is in english and right now im at work).

I really hope someone can help me.

best Regards,



if you have set up global dimension 1 under GL set up the dim 1 will be listed under the assigned caption.

So what is the name of your global dimension 1 and the caption / filter?

Hope this make sense.


Hello Neil.

Yea it totally make sense. I foundd the column now thanks to ypu.

Thank you really much :smiley: