Dimension Caption not updated on form

Hello All,

When I open any transaction form (PO/SO/Return), the caption is just the Shortcut Dimension 1 Code, same for two.

Whereas there is already code caption there in dimension table.

Can anyone guide me why it is so???


1 ) NAV 5.0 SP1. SQL DB.

  1. When I run the form for SQL DB, CU Application Management is not getting executed, whereas in native it is executed.

I am not getting why it is so???

Any help is appreciated…!!

hi kashyap

just set the CaptionClass Field property as ‘1,2,1’ for shorcut dimension code 1 & ‘1,2,2’ for shortcut dimension code 2 of a table which ever u want (like purchase header, sales headr…e.t.c)

Hi Ravi, Its already there but its not working…!!!

I dont know whats the reason…!!! Thanks for the help man…!!!

I have experience like that too…

but after i close my database and then open it again… the dimension had already okay