Dynamics AX : Production shortage of items or replacement of BOM items during production

I tried communicate with you but it seems you are busy could not pick my call. any way I am facing one issue… could you please guide me how to resolve below mentioned issue?

uring production few items are not available then production manager utilize similar available items which are not associates with existing BOM.

Solution: I tried to delete lines from picking list which are not available in the stock. and I added new similar items in picking list to complete production order and make it as report as finish.

While closing the production order error is fetching as below.

Error: Item number 410526 has not been completely release
Update has been cancelled.

Is any solution for to resolve this issue?

Thanks for your valuable time and efforts.

I assume that you are getting this error when you are doing the Report as finished journal. In this journal, go to the General tab and select “Accept error” this will let you finish the order.

I’m not very happy with the phrase “Accept error” because it is not that you are accepting something made wrong, instead it means that you are accepting to report in the picking list/RAF a different quantity than started.


Do not delete the lines from the pick - report them as zero, this will remove the message which is called because you have not consumed expected items.


How we can do “report then as Zero” for not required items ?


Do not auto-post the pick journal, you create it then tell AX what you used, and when you use nothing you enter “0”.

Agreed, we can create a new picking list or in existing, add whatever alternet item we have used.

but the “actual requirement”, it will remain open till Report as Finished and we can’t do RAF..for ex - we have 5 items in BOM to issue against FG (say A-E), instead of “C” we want to use “G”

how to kill the requirement of “C” ?

Consume “0” with the “End” flag on the journal set to “Yes”.

is this the right way using end check box ?

I am changing in the production BOM and making it Zero. is it OK or we have to use the END only ?

The end means there is no more consumption, if you should have 10 and you consume 0 and DO NOT tick END then AX expects the 10 in the future - that is the purpose of the end flag.