Picking list is posted with inventory dimensions selected, but not populating on the BOM in D365 FNO


When i do a production order, i generate my picking list after i Started the production order

Before i post my picking list, i add the inventory dimensions for Location and Number plate . This is the location and number plate my BOM components are picked from.

When i then want to Report as finished, i get an error that

Inventory dimension Location must be specified.

Inventory dimension Inventory status must be specified.

Only after i have added these items on the BOM lines on the Production order, i manage to Report as finished.

Should the dimensions not come from the Picking list ? Why do i have to capture the same information twice


You cannot as standard define the location and inventory status on the BOM lines once started, and there are not many that would want that in advance; you are correct you define those at the transactional level through the picking list. I would suggest you are experiencing a customisation issue, but do you have any? Otherwise you will need to add screen shots of the BOM, picking list and error. I would also suggest looking at the inventory transactions prior to RAF and also post the picking list separate to RAF to ensure you are not actually getting a misleading error.

Thanks for the reply. We dont have any customisations on the standard production process.

Please see screenshots below

Picking list is posted

BOM still dont have dimensions

Report as finished error message


How are you posting your RAF? The error relates to your finished goods, not your consumption.

When i enter the Location and status on my BOM lines manually, the error disappears , which makes me think the problem is on the consumption side

Ignore that, tell me how you post RAF and where you define those elements. If you are happy with your solution that is fine, but to get the answer it needs unpicking. Therefore show the RAF screen or journal!

If you are sure no errors occur just because you fill in the location and pallet in BOM lines perhaps you are using backflush when posting the RAF.

Meaning when creating the RAF journal the option of Automatic BOM consumption is enabled.


You’re production parameter Automatic update > Automatic execution > Automatic BOM consuption is set to anything else but Never and you try to report as finish the order


You have the (default) option for Picking list > Automatic BOM consumption option to anything alse but Never

In that case you should define a default picking location on warehouse level, or to resource group level if you use the resource consumption option in related BOM version

I have changed my Auto BOM consumption to Never on RAF and the error is gone, i then end the order


What happens now is, even after my pick list is posted, there are no transactions for my material on my pick list journal

So my materials are not consumed

RAF journal

You need to decide :what you want : automatic or manual consumption

If you take out the automatic BOM consumption, than you need to complete the consumption outside of the RAF in a picking list journal yourself. Picking list may be created manually or generated at the production order start

On the other hand, if you want to come back to auto BOM consumption, than you need to define default location, as I mentioned before,

Also, performing material reservation in advance may work with automatic BOM consumption. Choose between performing reservations yourself in production order BOM form, item by item, or trigger the material reservation at production order release or start.

Adam is correct. This error has nothing to do with your picking lists and you should not need to change any settings there. This has to do with the item that is being made, i.e. the product that goes into inventory when you Report as finished. Your production order itself has no Inventory status nor a location specified.

Inventory status on production orders can default based on your Default Inventory status ID in your Warehouse setup. You can also setup Default item status in the Warehouse management module if a particular item should have a default status for sales, inventory, or purchasing that is different from the Site and Warehouse default.

The location would come from a Default Production finished goods location on your Warehouse, a Default issue location in the Warehouse item setup against your released product (this is setup in the Manage Inventory action ribbon of the released product), or a default Production finished goods location from your Resource. It also can be manually specified when you do the Report as finished step.