Report as finished error - quantity cannot be picked as 0 is available

Hi, I am running AX 2012 FP where my inventory model is FIFO with no negative inventory physical

I receive the raw item in inventory warehouse location (10) and on-hand shows that it is sitting in the correct location

that’s the only part on a BoM, the production will place the finished good at location 30

automatic BoM and route consumption When I post the picklist it is correctly showing the amount in WIP.

after posting the pick-list, when I report as finished I am getting the following error.

Have anyone come across this scenario (when I allow pick negative from Inv model it is working fine).

The quantity cannot be reduced. The number of inventory transactions on order is too low because the quantity or part of it is referenced by an output order or a production order or is marked against other transactions.

Your BOM Consumption on the RAF parameters is set to “Always” or “flushing method” and there is no stock, it is trying to double consume as you are telling it to do this.

On the start stage (of production parameters for MES), i set auto-consumption to always for both pick and route

on operation and RAF stage, i set the auto-consumption for both Pick and route to never. With these settings, I am able to post both pick and RAF journals. However, when I post the route card, I am getting a warning message as below. Is there a reason why?

Posting Route card Journal

Journal has been posted.

Posting picklist journal

item number xxxx

physical on-hand

site ‘10’ warehouse ‘abc’ location ‘1’

1 quantity cannot be picked because ‘0’ quantity available

*** Looks like it tries to post the

pick-list journal again (while posting RAF). why? I posted the pick-list at the start of the production operation. After that, I report as finished and then am trying to post the route card with actual hours (operational scheduling).

Is there anything that need to consider to disable ‘pick-list journal’ from being posted again during the RAF stage.

many thanks for your help.

Hi Adam, thank you for clarifying it. You are absolutely correct. I set the ‘auto consumption’ to never for RAF and it worked fine. However, while posting the route card journal, it gives me a warning - I think I am double posting the pick-list during the RAF stage. please let me know where I am going wrong. thank you

When are you posting the route journal - there is a posting for this on RAF and Start as well. In addition you can link BOM lines to routing operations, check your routing and BOM links as well.

Hi Adam, I am posting route card after RAF. I set the route ‘auto-consumption’ to always at the Start and in the RAF, i set the auto-consumption for Route card journal to ‘never’.

Hi Adam, I have a very simple routing with 1 route for the Parent BoM and 1 for the sub-BoM. In fact, In this example, I have one item associated to the BoM that has 1 route operation.

While Posting picklist, i noticed that auto-consumption is selected for the route card/journal section of the set up tab (of the picklist journal). I unchecked, but it still is giving me the error?

You will need to step through this but by bit

Post route at start as ALWAYS, ensure post route card is checked. Post Pick at start. The remaining status of teh order should then be RAF. Post pick journal.

Then ensure on RAF Route and Pick are NEVER

Is your Sub-BOM an item or is it a referenced production order? If referenced ensure this is all closed off before processing the parent.

Hi Adam, thank you. I step through this as you from start to RAF. Everything works fine. But when I post the route, it is throwing a warning - as it tries to post the pick list again and it couldn’t find quantity

At start, I have both Pick and Route consumption as “Always”

Then I post the Pick-list.

Post the RAF - I set both Pick and Route consumption is “Never”.

Finally I post the Route - The route card journal is posted. However, the info log shows me that Pick-list journal couldn’t be posted as there is 0 quantity. I am not sure why AX giving me this warning.

In the Production Control Parameters on teh Journals tab and Route card/Job Card Journal do you have “Automatic BOM Consumption” ticked?

In the BOM on the general tab is the operation number populated?

Is your picking end marked?

Hi Adam, I checked the production control parameters and yes I have selected ‘Automatic boM consumption’ as “always” for the route card/pick journal. However, I didn’t select the “Automatic BoM consumption for route card journal”

Automatic update section, I have auto bom consumption ‘always’ and route consumption never for the Automatic execution; For auto-report as finished, I have auto bom consumption as ‘Never’ and route consumption ‘Always’

I ensured that the operation number is populated on the BoM line.

Also I selected ‘End mark’ for picklist at the Start and RAF stage.

I noticed that when I select ‘end mark’ for route card at the RAF stage, it posts the route card. When I don’t end-mark the route, during RAF stage, the route card journal is posted.

after that, when I try to post the route card, the route card journal is posted However, it also posts the picklist (that double my material consumption.

Any idea if I am missing anything.

Hi Adam. I found one thing that’s quite interesting. probably I may need to do this.

While posting the route card (after RAF), i notice in the journal line the BOM consumption is checked. When I unchecked that, it route card journal posted without any hitch. (and it didn’t post the pick-list journal again this time). Does it mean that, i need to uncheck this option every time I post the route card journal?

also when is the best time to post the route card. Is it after RAF or prior in general?

many thanks

You were at the wrong parameter [:D]

Journals tab and Route card/Job Card Journal “Automatic BOM Consumption” I presume this is ticked? Un tick it. This will impact on the route card journal as it will not tick BOM consumption on creation.

Also remove the operation from the BOM line in a test.

Hi Adam, yes. that did the trick. Thanks again for the great help.

No problem, glad you are having fun [:D]

hello Adam, I noticed an issue with production orders where the material consumption costs show almost 50% less as report as finished (with no labor/indirect) - We use FIFO. I looked at the Production price calculation - almost all components with exception 1 component, where the realized consumption cost shows 50% less than the estimate.

Few observations: From inventory transactions for one of the raw material item, one purchase order line show as purchased but there is no cost amount. Could that explain the drop in the running average cost?. we brought some items through inventory movement journal and some quantity by purchase orders. So when I sum the cost amount and divide by total quantity there is some deviation to the running average as shown by AX as well. Perhaps running average calculation is different.

From what I understand, the AX calculates based on running average and then settles to receipt at the time of inventory close.

We an raw item is received, it goes to site1-warehouse1-location 1; The finished good is placed in Site1-WareHour1-Location2;

I also noticed that when the material is consumed (in the production order), the raw materials are going to location 2. So when I look at the on-hand for that item, it show two lines – one line showing the quantity (say 50) for that location and the cost price for e.g. 100; Another line that show the quantity deducted (per production order) but show the different location with -ive quantity available and with different cost price in that location.

Appreciate your input. thank you

Brining in cost at zero will impact on average and when financially consumed it will consume it correctly at zero cost.

If you do not control physical stock by location and allow negative stock this will happen and will cause you issues, the close procedure cannot match this cost until the inventory is zero and therefore skips it in teh calculation (I believe).

Thanks Adam. How could we rectify this now? Why AX doesn’t deduct the quantity from location A but instead deduct from Location B where is no quantity on-hand. In the FIFO model, I didn’t allow negative. But then how AX is able to deduct from a location where there is no quantity is what baffles me? In the production order, I can see that the locations for all BoM line (raw materials) are populated as Location B.

When I create a Production order - I set Site, WH and Location B. Could that be the reason?

You are not physically tracking at location so it does not care as you told it not to. Will not check negative, but I believe the costing cares. To correct it move teh stock from A to B. You cannot as standard define the location on a BOM line, you must have modified this, it is only warehouse. If on the warehouse you define B this will “probably” backflush to B - try it without and see where it takes stock from - my guess would be the default location if you have set it up, but it will reserve as well but the issue will come back to you not physically tracking at location which is your main issue I believe.

Hi Adam, so if I am not tracking the item at specific location, but tracking is set at Site and Warehouse level, it seems AX allow the negative quantity at location level.

I set the location for the production order to “B” and I see that by default all production bom components have this dimension.

What I notice is that, at the warehouse level, the total quantity is correct and also the financial amount - the way it would calculate the running average.

It also seems to be that I need to set up the warehouse item location for each item which i think will default on the production order.

When I manually change the dimension for the Raw matl, i see that AX has consumed correctly from that location. Does it mean, that we need to update the inventory location every time I run the production order?

many thanks