Different Base Unit of Measure for Inventory

Hi All,

I know we have the followings on item Card:

  1. Base Unit of Measure

  2. Sales Unit of Measure

  3. Purchase Unit of Measure

I also know the inventory on the card shows up as whatever has been setup for BUOM.

To make it easier for conversions and calculations I set the BUOM up in the smallest unit (let’s say grams).

We buy boxes in different weights 20kg, 30kg.

I would like to have the BUOM in grams but the Procurement officer like to see the inventory in boxes.

Is there anyway to have more than one unit of measure for inventory on the Item Card?

Please advise




You have a good understanding of Unit of Measure. Standard NAV/BC has 1 Base Unit of Measure, unless you have an Addon/APP in the Food industry, which I know has dual Base Units of Measure. From what you wrote, you do not need this. Let me explain… The Base UOM should be KG. When the Procurement User enters a PO, they can enter UOM = BOX, which would have an Item UOM conversion = something (i.e. 30 for 30 KG per Box). When the PO is Received in BOXES, it will show the BOX UOM in the Location/Bin and your Base UOM will converted from the BOX to KG for GL purposes and ILE.

The Procurement User can see Base and the actual BOX UOM on Inventory in the Location and Bin it is received into.

Hope this helps.



A BOUM should always be in the unit that the stock count is made. At least to make it convenient for the warehouse-people.

Just to confirm:

You are okay with the inventory quantity based on the BUOM showing on the item card/list. But you also want to show the inventory quantity based on the Purchase UOM (PUOM) also on the item card/list, correct? You should be able to add this to the page by creating a formula taking the BUOM quantity divided by the Qty. per UOM from the Item UOM table for the Purchasing UOM on the item card. This would be a mod, but could be done.