Unit of measure

Hi would the unit of measure on the item card effect the inventory consumption if the item is measured in EACH but measured in KG in the bin contents?

It will not affect, but at the analysis time it may cause confusion on Report.

you need to declare both the Measure Same.



It will affect, but the details of the effect will depend on the location setup. E.g. quantity in item ledger entry will always be recorded in the base unit of measure. Warehouse entry will keep unit of measure of the posted operation if the location is set up to use directed put-away and pick. Otherwise it will be recalculated into base UoM as well.

… and base UoM is not necessarily the one set up in ItemCard - base is that UoM, for which Quantity per UoM = 1

I would disagree with this definition of base unit of measure. Of course, you can setup as many units of measure equivalent to base, as you want. But throughout the application code, only one is considered the base unit - the one selected in the item card. It’s not just a matter of terminology - main difference is that base unit of measure won’t trigger quantity recalculation when posting an inventory or warehouse entry.

As an example, let’s suppose we buy paint (item 70100) in 1-liter cans, and create an alternative unit of measure: Code = ‘L’, Qty. per = 1.

Next, create a purchase order for this item on SILVER location and set liter as the unit of measure. When you post receipt from this order, a new warehouse entry is created that has the same quantity as in the order, but unit of measure is ‘CAN’, not liter.

Although liter and can are equivalent here, unit of measure in warehouse entry is changed to match the item’s base unit of measure.

Thanks everybody for the quick response, I’m still looking as there both =1 so I don’t know where my stock is going.

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