Hi, I don’t know if I can ask here about UOM related to items: Pls if not advice me to which tiltle I have to go ? My question is : if I have an item purchased in box sold in whole sale by box sold in Retail by Pcs What is the suitable scenario ? Scenario one : Box=1 Pc= 20 Base unit of measure Box Purchased UOM : Box Sales UOM :Box Scenario two : PC = 1 Box = 20 Base unit of measure PC Purchased box Sales UOM :box if I choose Scenario one … Can I sell in Retail in Pcs … i think yes… but can i have in defualt pcs … What is the best choice for retail item… to choose the smallest unit in unit of measurement or to choose the bigest one ?

hi I am jouhyana again, I want to ask also … Can I change the UOM of the retail item on POS If yes how ?

I would always set the Base Unit Of Measure to it’s smallest amount Piece = 1 Box = 20 It’s always easier to increase than decrease it later Example/ Case = 200 Truck = 2000 Warehouse = 200000 Base UOM = Piece Purchase UOM = Box Sale UOM = Piece When setting up the item all the costs and prices need to be entered as if it was 1 Piece. If a box costs $20.00 The costs need to be entered as $1. At order entry time the UOM can be changed if the Sale UOM is set to “Piece” you can still change it to “Box” if necessary and all the calculations will be done correctly.

Hi Really thanks for H Ruiz. I totaly confess of what you say . Q1 : I want to be sure more of something … that can I change the UOM at the level of POS … OR NO it always set by default to Basic UOM Q2 : I have inRetail Item card Retail prices related to each UOM … then If I set a one retail price for pc and and one for box … where i can use the retail price for box … can i used on level of POS … Or as I have to do a normal invoice to sell this item … and can I get it easily from invoice…? Q3: If the item type is standard and not retail … Can I use it in retail?

The best approach to decide which UOM to set as base unit is the UOM which is used for reporting of Inventory value. This way lots of efforts are saved on valuation and other reporting. Also keep in mind that all the item ledger entries are recorded on the base unit of measure only. Regards, DD