Inventory Movement

Hi guys, i have a problem…this is the scenario,

I created an item where it’s unit is box, to be converted in pc(piece) once i Invoiced the PO.

However in the inventory movement i’ve issued the same item(unit = pc), but when i return an item it doesnt follow the price of the Pc. unit instead it follows the price of the Box unit…

I hope you can help me…

Thank you.


Hi Armelyn

questionaries to you.

  1. Have you given the specific unit of measurement to the inventory unit as pcs , purhcase unit pcs
  2. have you given the intera conversion of unit to the item from box to pcs

If you check these things , I hope your problem get solved.

It is point 2 that I would be more interested in - what is your item/global unit of measure conversion set to.

Also you say movement - if you mean movement journal there is no UOM on this form, can you clarify what you are using?


  • i’ve created unit conversion in the item from BOX->PC. and vise versa.

In the Inventory Management>Journals>item Transaction>Movement: I want to return/add an item which converted from Box to pc

However after posting the price being followed is the price of the box and not the price by piece…

Please help…thanks


What is the pricing setup? Have you created trade agreement for both UOM. I think the price which the system is picking is the one defined in item form. Check that.



I’ve got it…Thanks God…

And thank you guys for cooperating…best regards…


Can you please share the resolution as it will help others.


Well you cannot do it through the movement journal as this is always in the stocking UOM and the UOM is not available to change. [:D]

Maybe in the Price/Discount tab, of the Item form, you had the Price quantity referred to the quantity of units in the box?

From my personal experience it is not good to have box, bags, tins as unit of measures (they are packages), becouse the size can change and your conversion factor will no be usefull anymore, and more than that, if you do not have a conversion (just doing the inventory, purchases, etc in boxes) someone can take home a large box, replace it with a small box and you’ll still will have a box in inventory, and people that doesn’t know the items physically (auditors, accounting people) will be happy finding the box.

For purchasing purposes I would recomend to use in that situation (Item form, Setup button, Default order settings, Purchase order tab, Purchase quantity fields group); the Multiple and Min. order quantity so you can assure you will be purchasing in multiple units equal to box quantity, and not less than a box.

Hope to be of help, regards