Difference in Inventory if Unit of Measures are different


I am facing a problem with Inventory calculation. The situation is such that the Inventory is managed in Rolls(Base Unit) bought in KG’s (Replenishment) and sold in Feet Invoicing).The UOM for all the three areas are created according to the Base Unit. and are calculated as per the same. But when the purchase is posted the precision does not add the total stock as it should,i.e. for example

1 Roll = 300 KG so when I post a purchase of 300 KG of item, the inventory should increase and show as 1 Roll.But, instead it adds up as 0.998 since the UOM is KG = 0.01667 and Roll(Base Unit) = 1.

Can anyone help me in getting the exact inventory i.e is there any rounding off available for managing this issue.


Your base unit should be the smallest available unit, so that other units of measure are expressed in whole numbers, and you will not have these rounding issues. If you’d have set it up with base unit KG, and you’d have purchased a roll, it would have been put into inventory correctly as 300 KG.

Don’t quite agree with that. Usually it is best to have Base-unit the unit you take your physical inventory in. When using Physical Inventory Journal you cannot use other code than the Base Unit Code.

On the other hand - handling Item’s UOM in standard NAV should be changed:

  1. Field “Qty. per Unit of Measure” should have more than 5 decimals - I once had to change it to 9 or 10 to acheive an acceptable result. I know there is some limit in NAV, something about 18 significant digits; but that limit will probably not be reached in Item’s UOM. (or is there still a limit?)

  2. The alternative UOM’s “Qty. per Unit of Measure” are allways multiplied; somethimes a more correct result comes by using division. Per Item’s UOM I would like to decide whether “this” code shall multiply or divide.

If you stock in bags of three, and you sell in pieces, you are going to have rounding discrepancies in your inventory for each and every transaction. It’s easier in that case to stock in eaches, and set up a purchase unit of measure with a whole number as the “Qty. per Unit”.

As mentioned by Daniel, the Base unit should be smallest unit in Navision, otherwise there will be issues like the one metioned by you.

If you want to see inventory in a particular unit as mentioned by you, you can create another feild on the Item, like Invetory (Rolls), and on this field show the inventory by Rolls. I generally resolve this issue like this with our customers.