Data Migration NAV 2009 Export to Excel error

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to use Data Migration option in NAV 2009 by using Export to excel. And i end up with this error.

"This message is for C/AL programmers:

The call to member createElement failed. msxml6.dll returned the following message:

An invalid character was found in the text content."

I tried exporting tables with less record like Currency and Language. I checked for special symbols like <,>. which was not present.

The msxml6.dll is present under windows->system32->msxml6.dll. Checked the past posts related to this error and they advised to check for empty field names present under “Migration Table Field”, which was not present.

Can someone please enlighten me on where should i look for this type of error? Thanks in advance for your time.



May be invisible CRLFs on the Nav data that is causing the issue. Or text that looks like an excel error like #N/A#.

Excel errors are usually the cause form imports not exports.


Does it leave any trace in the system event log? Probably the error call stack would give a hint?

Hi Alexander,

Thanks for your response. No it does not leave a trace in the system event log.

Still figuring out on solving it.

Hi Neil,

Thanks for your response, still checking it out.

Hi Mathan,

You have not told us the context of your question.

When are you getting this error? In a production environment or a local test/development installation? Do you get the same error on different machines? Which client are you using Classic or RTC?

NAV 2009 is an old release. If you experience technical issues like this, then always make sure to test it locally on the newest build. Running a supported OS version always helps.

DLL’s can generally be tricky, you need to be on the right version.

Could it be a matter of codepage issues? NAV 2009 was not unicode and not very good at handling different codepages. In Denmark we have a number of special characters like ÆØÅ - where especially Ø could mess up everything if we Windows was not set natively support Danish characters.