Data Migration - Vendor(s) Table 23 Form 26

Good afternoon - We are bringing up a newly acquired company in NAV (v. 2009 R2). We are trying to load their vendors from their legacy system into NAV using data migration into Table 23.

The fields being loaded are: No, Name, Search Name, Name 2, Address, Address 2, City, Contact, Phone No., Our Account No., Territory, Payment Terms, Fax No., Post Code, Federal ID No., 1099 Code, Tax ID Type, WC Certificate, WC Certificate Expiration Date, and CRM Type.

Loading from Excel receives the following error message: This message is for C/AL programmers: The call to member Export failed: The map could not be exported, so the data was not exported. Use XmlMap.Isexportable to determine whether the map can be exported.

When I try to use the function to export to excel to get the .xml mapping, I receive the following error: This message is for C/AL programmers: The call to member Add failed: Invalid file reference. The path to the file is invalid, or one or more of the referenced schemas could not be found.

Is there anyone who can explain to me what these errors mean and what steps I need to take to fix them?