while exporting to the excel

I have been using the NAV 2009 Classic client and i have lots of record in my vendor table. So i changed the
Max. no. of XML records to send to 80000 . after doing so i again exported the list of vendors into the excel and i got an error that " the call to member transformNodeToObject failed. msxml6.dll returned the following message: An invalid character was fount in text content."

I have no idea why i have been getting this error…

Have seen something similar before and it was caused by en error in a text field. It contained a <> which made the export not run. So check you names and addresses. If some of the data was imported and not keyed in, then there is also a chance/risk of code pages problems.

thank you for the solution. yes i have solved that problem there was an unrecognised symbol in my database . but while exporting the data again i got an error like this . i searched for the file illustrated in the dialog box but couldnot find it… Need Help…!!5141.error.PNG

This is normally the same. But here it’s more concrete, you have a <> sign included in the fields you are exporting. This will always be in conflict with the XML format so that you can not open it with the browser. Try to open it with a different XML browser or Notepad.