error when exporting to excel...analysis by dimension

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

This message is for C/AL programmers:

An exception was raised in method CreatePivotTable. The OLE control or Automation server has returned error (HRESULT) -2147352567.
The component did not provide the exception description.



What versions of Nav and Excel are you using?

This (and other similar) error happens from time to time.

First, Automation libraries must be present, (Tools-Custom Controls), and correspond to ones on workstation by versions (there may be several versions in NAV concurently).

Second, if your language is not English, sometimes one AbD exports successfully, with different parameters you get error - this is caused by DATA exported, not methods, accented characters in, say, Description field can cause such behaviour.

There is one workaround - open Excel BEFORE exporting. Usually data exports successfully, Excel hangs only, when trying to create Pivot Table. As at that moment it runs without visible interface, it seems you get nothing, but if you open Excel before, you will see “half-work done” and will be able create the Pivot Table yourself.

Important - every such error leaves RUNNING instance of Excel - look in Task Manager, only there you can kill these processes, as they haven’t visible interface. If you don’t, in short time you will experience RAM problems.

This attachment is modify by me.

Navision table 370, Excel buffer table.

Add 6 Function:

  1. Create chart
  2. SetFontSize
  3. SetBackColoro for cell
  4. Setcolor for character
  5. Create Hyperlink
  6. Create Nav Hyperlink

Exam: 53001 Item_demo, include all above function, example how to create the formula.