Cheque is not Generated while i'm giving Vendor PAYMENT

Hai Guys

This is PARAMESH.M. I got an Error while i’m doing the Payment For Vendor Invoices.

I’ve choosen one vendor invoice for payment and i suppose to give payment through Bank. But due to unknown reasons the cheque number is not generated. Can anyone Help me to clear this problem…

Follow this. It should work. Let me know if it doesn’t. If you are seeing any error message while Generating the check, please let us know.

  • Transactions currency should be same as Bank account currency

-Method of payment should be selected(It should have the export format linked)

Once you click the Functions>Generate payments

On the dialog form which opens,

specify the bank account and method of payment same as it was mentioned in the journal voucher.

Thankyou Santosh. Actually I didn’t attach Export format in Method of Payments While i creating MOP form. Now i just attached Export format In MOP. Finally Chque was generated.

Thankyou so Much