check numbeer must be filled in

Hi everyone,

I am getting an error “check number must be filled in”.After filling mop as check and clicking on generate payments and then while posting i am getting this error .Any suggestions?

has the check number field got a value after you did Functions>Generate payments? usually, you can see a check number gets generated after you do functions >generate payment

Make sure of the below.

  • currency in your payment journal voucher and selected bank account currency should be same

  • the account you select in the “Generate payments” dialog form, should be same as your offset account in payment journal voucher

  • Method of payment you selected must have a check format attached.

  • the MOP in your generate payments dialog form should be same as your MOP in payment journal.


Did you check “Check number method” lookup in Check layout form, try setting it to correct option vs with your physical check formats.


Ya,i have checked everything.Still same error.

You didn’t answer my question. whether the check number field filled with a value.

No,the check number field is disabled.

Please clear your “Usage data” and then try again.