Generate Payment

Dear all, I have this error message prompt out upon the clicking of “Generate Payment” button under the Account Payable->Payment journal->Function menu. “No class has been set up for the method of payment CHEQUE”. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Really thanks for your help.

The reason you are getting this error message is because you have not selected the class to generate the cheques. For resolving this error please go through the following steps : First go to the payment methods of the appropriate module i.e. Accounts payable/Accounts Receivable. You can find the payment method under Setup. Then click on the file format Tab page. After that click on setup. Which will bring the appropriate classes to be used to generate the cheques. This will open a window on your screen and you can select which ever format you want to use for printing your cheques. Once you have selected the format. click on export format and select the appropriate selection. This will solve your problem.


After Setup is clicked the classes listed in the window are as follows


Nacha (US)

Nacha_ IAT(US)

Promissort note document.

Which class should be used for Cheque Export ?

The format required by your bank to process an import.