Problem in printing the Check

Hi All

i am having the problem in printing the checks for the vendor, as i have a journal and in that i am making the payment to three vendor, when i run the payment it created the checks for the two vendor and the status become sent but for the third one the check not generated and the status is none.

Can anyone tell me the problem why it is not created for the third one.


  • Make sure transaction currency and the Bank currency are same

  • What ever the method of payment available in the journal line should be same in “Functions>Generate payments”, also the bank account should be same as journal line.

Thanks santosh for ur reply.

The bank and the transaction currency are the same.

Here i have attached the screen shots for the of journal one which is having the status none and sent. Also added the payment generate form, in which i am using the export option.

please advise one this

why didn’t you set up the method of payment for the line with status “None”.

-Setup the method of payment which has the export format and Functions>generate payments, select the same MOP and Bank account

thanks santosh, but here i am wondering while generating the payment why it make the status sent for two and also put the payment method on two not the third one.